[ GlifTek ] Verge 3D Plugins - Web Storage

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[ GlifTek ] Verge 3D Plugins - Web Storage

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[ GlifTek ] Verge 3D Plugins - Web Storage

This Plugin Pack contains ten custom made plugins for use with Soft8Soft's WebGL visual coding package "Verge 3D".

The [ WEB_STORAGE ] Plugin Pack allows developers the option to save data to user device browser storage. This is a prime tool for saving information off-line so that it may be used later. Such types of data might be: product configuration progress, saved game progress, settings, databases, etc. Included are all the visual-coding blocks needed for managing your off-line data.

The plugin blocks included are:

  • Configure Web Storage

  • Save To Web Storage

  • Load From Web Storage

  • Get All Keys Of DataStore

  • Get Length Of DataStore

  • Iterate Through DataStore

  • Clear Database

  • Delete Key

  • Delete DataStore

  • Delete Database

link to - Live DEMO with Full Product Documentation!

*All [ GLIFTEK ] Plugin Packs come supplied with a Verge3D example application, showing the plugins in action in the puzzle editor with instructional tips!

Product is digital. On purchase, you will receive a .zip file containing product files.

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Verge 3D Web Graphics Authoring Plugins - Web Storage - allows for saving, loading, and managing off-line data saved to user devices for saved settings, saved games, product configuration etc.

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