[ GLIFTEK ] Verge 3D Plugins - Utility 2

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[ GlifTek ] Verge 3D Plugins - Utility 2

This Plugin Pack contains six custom made plugins for use with Soft8Soft's WebGL visual coding package "Verge 3D".

The [  UTILITY_1 ] Plugin Pack:
A selection of 6 blocks that allow solutions for many varied and common smaller app
development tasks such as boolean value toggling, right-click context menu toggling,
right-click events, dynamic procedure name calls, and list management.

The plugin blocks included are:

  • Toggle Boolean

  • Context Menu Toggle

  • Right Click Event

  • Call Procedure By Name

  • Merge Lists

  • List Similar

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*All [ GLIFTEK ] Plugin Packs come supplied with a Verge3D example application, showing the plugins in action in the puzzle editor with instructional tips!

Product is digital. On purchase, you will receive a .zip file containing product files.

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A selection of 6 blocks that allow solutions for many varied and common smaller app development tasks such as boolean value toggling, right-click context menu toggling, right-click events, dynamic procedure name calls, and list management.

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[ GLIFTEK ] Verge 3D Plugins - Utility 2

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